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Welcome to the GDPR Assesment Tool

The assessment tool is designed to provide a guide to organisations for their readiness across some key elements of the regulation and to highlight specific activity that may be required to move towards a compliant position.

Please bear in mind the tool is not a comprehensive assessment of all elements of GDPR and it does not cover aspects such as processing children’s data or special categories of data. It should not be used in isolation to assess your organisations readiness for and compliance with the GDPR.

Please click on “Next” below to start your assessment and remember Fortis Greene offer a free 1 hour no obligation service with one of our GDPR Practitioners to discuss any questions or concerns.

1/13Do you have a Governance Framework in Place?

2/13Do you know what personal data you process?

3/13Have you reviewed and where appropriate updated your privacy notices?

4/13Do your procedures reflect and cater for all the rights individuals have?

5/13Have you implemented a Subject Access Request procedure that is in line with GDPR?

6/13Do you have a lawful basis for processing the personal data that you hold?

7/13Have you reviewed and where required amended your consent procedures in respect of the personal data you hold?

8/13Do you have procedures in place to detect, report and investigate a personal data breach?

9/13Do you provide your employees with data protection training?

10/13Do you share or send data personal data with organisations outside of the EU?

11/13What is your company size?

12/13What desktop operating system(s) do you currently use

13/13Thats all we need!

Thank you for completing the GDPR online assessment. Please click on “Complete and View Results” and then you can either download your report for free or simply see a summary of your answers. The free report shows your answers to the questions and also provides recommendations to help you on your path to compliance.

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Remember we offer a free 1 hour no obligation call with one of our GDPR Practitioners.